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Lately, I’ve been feeling stressed.  Not depressed or angry (like I was oftentimes when I was working a 9-5 job), but the vast majority of my days lately have had a quality of sadness, a vague sense of fear and an overall desire to distract myself.

When I started this site, I wanted to have a journal to hold myself accountable to being at my best.  I’ve always looked at success with women as a bi-product of living in a successful way.  Not in a material way, but in an experiential way:  Taking successful action in a way that works AND feels good.

But I haven’t been in that state of mind lately.  I’ve been off my diet for about 2 months now, same with exercise and while I have been working hard and moving ahead in the business side of my life, increased success has not brought me increased happiness.

In fact, I’ve been walking around in a low-grade funk a lot of the time and it’s been seeping into my relationships and interactions with women.

So I decided it’s time to reprioritize. I decided that I am going to start putting my experience and happiness at the top of my priority list.

The quality of my work and my interactions with people are only going to be as good as the quality of my consciousness.

So last night, I listened to an hour of Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now (in audiobook format) and another two hours this morning.

I am not going to say that I immediately entered an effortless, blissful state immediately after my Eckhart binge session, but I do feel tremendously better than I have been lately.

I’m going to make my meditation and Eckhart sessions a priority for the next 7 days and see how it affects my overall quality of life.  And then I will blog about it here. :)

Eric / Edge

P.S.  I have a lot of awesome projects in the works that I’m very excited about.  One of them is to reboot this website – I started PuE back in June 2008 and there are some things I’m pleased with and other things I feel should be removed or overhauled.  Once I wrap up a couple of projects I have in the works, Pick-up Evolution is going to get a complete website reboot.  The new PuE is going to kick ass, stay tuned.

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If someone is talking in your native language, you can’t not understand them. You can’t not interpret the words they’re saying. Once you understand the language, your brain automatically will decode and interpret it – you do not have a choice or an on/off switch.

But that’s just language. When you see a picture of something, you can’t not interpret what it is a picture of… if you see a picture of a human face, you will recognize it as such. It is automatic.

Let’s take this further. If you are listening to music that evokes a certain emotion or that speaks to a certain mindset, you can’t not be affected on some level. It will have SOME degree of an effect.

Same with shows you watch, books you read, websites you visit, radio shows you listen to, etc. Everything you allow into your environment will have some degree of influence on you because our brains are designed to automatically interpret and process input.

Now I am NOT a victim-thinker. I do not [Click to Continue Reading…]

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