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housepartypuaLegend and I were talking recently about this whole game.  Call it what you want:  dating skills, learning how to be great in a relationship, learning game, being a pick-up artist, etc.

I discovered the materials of the seduction community/pick-up arts 10 years ago and I have been a student ever since.  Thing is, how I have perceived this area of my life and how I have pursued it has changed dramatically over the years.  This is all stuff I have talked about in prior posts, so I am not going to repeat myself.

What I want to talk about here is the idea of “gaming without game“.  What do I mean by that?

Well, the seduction community’s mentality has generally been that solid “game” is to learn some psychological tricks/manipulations and then to deliver them through conversation in one way or another.

Now, in the past few years the concept of “the natural” has been introduced, but nobody has really been able to pin down the concept of being a natural other than to convey it through vague philosophies and by painting tantalizing pictures of having effortless, seamless “game” by just having a good vibe.  I want to make clear that that is not what I am talking about here.

So what am I talking about when I say gaming without game?

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cell-phone-puaToday, it is harder to find someone without a cell phone than it is to hunt for sharks on land.  They have become our lifelines, our connection to the world.  While the advancements in technology have had many benefits, they have also created new fears and social definitions when it comes to traditional communication.  Lately, it seems that cell phones have squashed many social graces and created a new way for people to communicate.

When it comes to meeting and dating members of the opposite sex, however, some elements of tradition should be maintained.  The myth exists that women want extravagance and luxury, but you will be surprised to find how far you can go with a little respect and chivalrous behavior.  The woman of today has focused on her career, and as a result, can often support herself financially.  The last things she wants is a man to spoil her and make her feel like an item that can be bought off of a shelf; however, the woman of today does want to feel like a lady.  A great place to start treating a woman like a lady pertains to the phone.

Now, this is not going to be a how-to that guides you from the start.  This is assuming you have already approached and struck up a conversation with someone you are interested in.  Maybe you met her at a bar, or coffee shop or even the park. Pay attention to her body language and look for signs that she is interested.  Is she smiling a lot?  When she makes eye contact, does she hold her head down and look up at you?  Has she playfully and lightly touched your arm?  Finally and most importantly, does she seem reluctant to end the conversation when it is clearly time to leave?  If you are interested in her and if she is displaying these behaviors, which tend to come naturally when one person is attracted to another, you may ask her for her phone number.  This is when the “Cell Phone Dating Rules” begin.
The initial meeting…
Do: Call her phone immediately

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Getting Started in Pick-Up Guide – Part 13: Dates, Day 2’s, and Logistics Part B

by Legend Technique

Becoming a Pickup Artist – A Core-Skills Guide to Game by Pick-Up Evolution Part 13: Dates , Day Two’s, and what to do on the date: Date logistics Part  B Legend: What to do on the date When I’m out with a girl it’s all about just having fun and getting to know each other.   […]

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Edge – Broadening Our Blog Content

by Edge General

I have been thinking lately about how I can make this blog better. I believe that our blog has the most content out of all the dating advice / dating tips / pick-up artist / seduction websites out there. (Like those keywords?) There are some other commercial blogs with more “content”, but I put content […]

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Edge – Focus Game, Part 1

by Edge Thoughts

I’m finding that your attention and focus can have a tremendous impact on the entire interaction. I want to talk a little about something I call “focus game” and how I believe it can be used to improve your skills with women / dating. I am chatting with a girl on Friday in a bar, […]

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Edge – The Law of Attraction (for Picking Up Hot Women)

by Edge Inner Game

One of the hot topics in popular psychology today is the “law of attraction.” The Law of Attraction states that what you focus on will manifest into your reality. John Kehoe (Mind Power) says that in the law of attraction, “thoughts that are emotionalized become magnetized and attract similar and like thoughts.” Jerry and Esther […]

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