Ratisse – Sexual Priming Quick Tips

by Legend

in Technique

puaThis is an easy skill to incorporate into any style of pickup. It can be used for everything from getting makeouts to sex & everything in between. What it is, is a verbal remark that based on the feedback you receive allows you to know where you are at in the seduction, if what you said is possible for you to attempt. This info is gathered by either passive acceptance, active acceptance or non acceptance by the woman.

I’ve used this to get instant makeouts, blow jobs, bathroom pulls, car sex and just sex in general.

Her feedback is going to be crucial so pay attention to her subcommunications. Change in her facial expressions, tonality of voice, etc. She may not be saying a no (ex. We shouldn’t), but her subcommunications (tonality, eye contact, facial expressions) may say otherwise. Trust those signals.

The formula is basic. If she continues a certain action then you are going to respond in a certain way (ex. If you don’t stop looking at me like that, we’re going to end up making out)

other examples:

“If you don’t stop arousing me like that I’m going to take my pants off so you can play with my dick”

“If you guess how old I am, I’ll make out with you”

” If you make this shot (pool) I’ll kiss you”

What this is, is allowing passive or active acceptance to take its toll. ( ex. A woman may just start making out with you right away or may ask what are you waiting for)

Also if she hadn’t been thinking of making out with you or fucking you, now you’ve planted the seed.

If you get active deniance & the woman’s subcommunications are congruent, you can save yourself from staying in that set to nowhere.

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