The Birth of Momentum Game (“Inter Game”)

by Edge seduction community

Back in 2008, Nick (Legend) and I used to post feverishly on here. Almost daily. And we would religiously upload our weekly field reports (which are still up in the archives). I think the most motivating thing for us was putting the message out there that normal guys could really succeed at game: even with […]

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Manvite: The Man Site for Invites

by Edge General

I wanted to quickly share a great site I found called Manvite, which is an online invitation and bachelor party / party planning services for men. Manvite is a solid service for men who want to host parties or events for guys – and don’t want to use one of the thousands of flowery, girly […]

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Introducing Blunt

by Edge PUA

I am excited to bring to you a “PUA” who you have probably never heard of who goes by the name of Blunt. Blunt is one of our top students and has a tenacious will and a results-oriented mindset.  Please join me in giving blunt a warm welcome to the Pick-up Evolution family.  Take it […]

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Seize the Babe Review – DO NOT BUY Adam Gilad’s Course Until You Read This…

by Edge Product Reviews

Adam Gilad is a cool dude.  At one point, he was David Deida’s business partner (I’m a huge David Deida fan) and he’s also an all-around accomplished guy. At this moment, I’m most excited about his latest accomplishment – his new Seize the Babe program. Now, I’m pretty much 30 at this point (I’ve got […]

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Dessert Before Dinner: The Deadly Error to Becoming Confident

by Edge Confidence

“I want my life to look like Entourage,” he said with youthful excitement, “so I’ve been reading a ton about confidence and social circle game.  I want to be the SNL guy (the guy who gets same night lays).” I was listening patiently up to this point, but I was just about ready to pop.  […]

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Mystery / Erik von Markovik Died? Is This Real?

by Edge seduction community

This morning I received a message from “Dustin – Venusian Arts” (one of the member’s of Mystery’s company sending via their mass mailing list): RIP Erik von Markovic September 24, 1971 – April 1, 2011 “Our good friend Erik von Markovik, aka Mystery, as we all knew and loved him, passed away early this morning […]

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