Fearless Review: MUST READ FIRST Before You Buy Christian Hudson & Nick Sparks New Course…

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Christian Hudson, Nick Spark, The Social Man ReviewedToday I am going to review fearless from dosomethingfearless.com.  Nick Sparks and Christian Hudson from the Socialman are putting out a brand new product called FEARLESS. The Nick and Christian work at the thesocialman.com and I was lucky enough to take a look at their new product. I want to really dig deep and give you a review of the product that will help you decide if it is right for you.

The Fearless Review:

There’s been a lot of buzz around for Fearless, the new course by Christian Hudson and Nick Sparks.  And with good reason:  Christian Hudson has been making great products for men who want to succeed with the women they really want for many years now.  And Nick Sparks is not only one of the best in-field coaches out there today, he’s also a very cool, down-to-earth normal guy.  And take it from me, normal is very important when it comes to the qualities of a teacher you want to model yourself after.

Both Christian and Nick are very honorable guys who really value giving great content and delivering the results they promise…

Which in this case is becoming Fearless with women, so that you can “get out of your own way” and start getting the women you’ve always wanted.

Fearless talks about how to conquer your fears around women and get the type of women you really want.

I can tell you, as someone who’s wrestled with my own anxieties around dating and life in general, having a product like this is a God-sent to unlocking your full potential.

Recent brain science supports this – if you’re caught up in your own fears and anxiety, your brain will “down-shift” into a fight or flight system of your brain and literally shut down the parts of your brain that make you feel at ease, in control and able to deliver the perfect things to say.

Bottom line:  If you don’t have control over your fears with women, you don’t have control over your dating life.  Period.

Nick Sparks has been teaching with the social man around the world for years.  He’s a legend and he’s never before release his “curriculum” before and I can say at first I was pretty skeptical.

I have heard great things about Nick though, like for example, going from eye contact with a girl at a bar to an immediate make-out and number close, right then and there.  The dude has chops, no doubt about it.

LOVE his stuff and last weekend when I was out at the bar his approach was really working on beautiful women.  I was amazed how simple it is. And after going through it I can say you really should check it out.

I didn’t have to memorize any complicated stuff and some leading PUAs actually joined him on Fearless.  So you’ll also hear from Marni  THE Wing Girl, Josh Pellicer from the Tao of Badass, Stephen Nash who is one of the characters in The Game and Rob Judge, who was voted #2 Pickup Artist last year (if those things matter to you).

Also, there’s a secret insider bonus from Women Desire You giving away $399.95 dollars worth of Girl Getting Bonus Material when you invest in Fearless using their link.  So if you are thinking about this program you should get it, BUT get it here and get $399.95 worth of stuff FREE as well.  Details here:


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Edge January 31, 2012 at 3:17 pm

Quick update: Since writing this I’ve had the privilege to meet Christian Hudson. He’s a straight up, honest, down to Earth guy – it’s a great product, but on a personal note he’s also a great guy.

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