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Knowing how to talk dirty to a girl is definitely a skill you want to have.

There was a time, years ago where I was dating this tall brunette girl who I was way more into than she was into me.  But we were dating and I was happy to have her at the time.

We were hanging out and I was casually talking about something sexual when she said, “OK, you’re really getting me turned on.”

So I was thinking, “Awesome…  I’m going to talk dirty to this girl, she’ll get turned on and we’ll hook up.”  My mind is racing… remembering bits and pieces… fragments of dirty talk or dirty things I’ve heard in the past.

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Since I’ve learned how to actually do all of these things since starting hair school, I figured this would make a great post for you guys since we’re all here to get better with women.

One of the biggest reasons women get their hair done to get attention from men and the sad part is, the biggest complaint is that we don’t notice what they’ve done, and they put hours and hours into their hair sometimes. Simply knowing what she’s done to her hair can raise your value in her eyes. Trust me, I’m talking to them all the time about this. So take the time to educate yourself a bit with this here hair “glossary”.

I’ll break this down into categories. First up is:


This is by far the most popular thing women are doing to change their appearances, but there are many things you can do with color.

Women get highlights and low lights to add depth to their hair. Highlights are streaks or very small sections that are colored brighter than the rest of the hair. Oppositely, low lights are darker than the rest of the hair.

Highlights are the blonde, lowlights are the brown, in the middle is red. The three colors together add depth.

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