Hey guys, thanks for the reply. My feeling was right… you ARE different. You actually took the time to reply. Nice!

- Jorge, via email

Wow! Thank you for the very speedy and personal reply. It’s amazing how popular these PUA sites have become these days. And to receive a “real” response is refreshing. Thanks for the advice, and I think I am of the same mindset as well these days. Just needed someone to affirm my thoughts.

– Matt, via email

First off, thanks for replying, you’ve definitely got the right idea about dealing with your readers, I actually feel like I’m always gonna read your blog from now on….So, thanks Edge, you’ve sharpened things up in my head that I know for a fact will stick with me. And stick at this Pickup writing, its a competitive market but by giving personal advice its setting a great image.

– Adam, via email

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